1.) To reach down the front of your pants with the intent of playing with your genitalia, but without intention to masterbate.
2.) To provide input that creates more work for people but provides little or no value to the process.
3.) To work on something but not improve it.

Origin and Etymology:

Combined French, from masser “to massage” from Arabic massa “to stroke” and from Middle English, from Middle French batreto “beat”, from Latin battuere.


As a writer, I spend a lot of time massagabating sentences.

Cindy came in at 4:30 so she could massagabate all over our presentation, then left so she could get drinks with Tony.

Steven lay on the couch, mindlessly flipping through television channels. He was exhausted. But even in this state–a heady mix of fatigue from stress and physical exhaustion–he had trouble sleeping. The office had been unbelievably hectic for several months. His wife was angry about…something. To blow off steam, he’d been going to the gym. Pull-ups, treadmill, push-ups, burpees, kettlebells, crunches: anything he could do to fully exhaust himself. So now, his wife and daughter had gone to bed. There was one last thing he could try. Steven looked over his shoulder to make sure he was alone. Then he slid his hand down the front of his pants and massagabated himself. And soon, he fell into a deep and abiding slumber.